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Cloud Visibility and Production

Cloud Visibility and Production

Cloud Visibility and Production

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Cloud Visibility and Production

Cloud visibility platforms must first ensure no data is missed. Since cloud instances can be rapidly spun-up on-demand, you need a visibility that will also scale automatically, without manual intervention. A cloud-native architecture embeds sensors inside every cloud deployed, to deliver access to every packet flowing through that cloud instance.


This distributed design ensures that visibility scales right along with your cloud instances and no cloud is overlooked.

Once all data is accessible, your visibility platform should also help you zero in on the most relevant data, to avoid overwhelming your monitoring solutions. Packet grooming, such as header stripping and de-duplication, and intelligent filtering based on packet characteristics, reduce the volume of packets your solutions need to process. With less packets to process, monitoring solutions are more efficient, cost less to operate, and are less likely to suffer congestion or failure.

A visibility platform also makes it easier and automatic to send similar types of traffic to more than one monitoring solution at the same time, to further accelerate the identification and isolation of issues or security threats.

With enterprise IT in a perpetual state of change, in which the elements of cloud and on-premise infrastructure are constantly evolving and transitioning, visibility across the entire infrastructure is vital to digital transformation success. Whenever there’s change in IT, there’s also potential for failure. Any one of the changes that takes place as an organisation moves to the cloud has the potential to affect the dynamic and performance of existing services.

To ensure success, businesses should look to use wire data to create smart data - which is prepared and organised at the point of collection will ensure that the data is optimised for analytics at the highest quality and speed. Extracting key metrics from the data, and displaying the sets on easy-to-use dashboards, can provide businesses with the visibility needed to cut through the complexity of the cloud and turn it from a utility to a strategic asset.

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