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Public, Private, Hybrid Clouds

Public, Private, Hybrid Clouds

Public, Private, Hybrid Clouds

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Private Cloud

We Offer Best Clouds PRIVATE CLOUD. Private cloud are the most important building blocks of the modern IT infrastructure and our team offers private cloud based on Openstack, WMWare, KVM solutions for a number of customers of different sizes and vast range of industries.


The private cloud is defined as computing services offered either over the Internet or a private internal network and to selected users only instead of the general public. Also called an internal or corporate cloud, private cloud computing gives businesses many of the benefits of a public cloud, including self-service, scalability and elasticity, with the additional control and customisation available from dedicated resources over a computing infrastructure hosted on premises.

In addition, private clouds deliver a higher level of security and privacy through both company firewalls and internal hosting to ensure that operations and sensitive data are not accessible to third-party providers. One drawback is that the company’s IT department is held responsible for the cost and accountability of managing the private cloud. So private clouds require the same staffing, management and maintenance expenses as traditional data centre ownership.

Two models for cloud services can be delivered in a private cloud. The first is infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that allows a company to use infrastructure resources such as compute, network and storage as a service.

The second is platform as a service (PaaS) that lets a company deliver everything from simple cloud-based applications to sophisticated enterprise applications.

Private clouds can also be combined with public clouds to create a hybrid cloud, allowing the business to take advantage of cloud bursting to clear more space and scale computing services to the public cloud when the computing demand increases.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud Enterprise Solutions. Public cloud is a fully virtualised environment. In addition, providers have a multi-tenant architecture that enables users -- or tenants -- to share computing resources.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid (Combination of Private and Public) Cloud. A public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google.

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